It might seem somewhat idealistic, but we believe in the inherent will of people to do the right thing.

Let us explain where we are coming from:

Given the choice of spending a sizable sum of money for a home that consumes energy at an alarming rate or spending slightly more initially to benefit from substantially lower utility costs, and thereby helping to conserve our planet's limited supply of fossil fuels, we at evoDOMUS believe that the latter can prevail. The key is to make it an easily understandable and obtainable choice. Also, this 'healthy for the planet' choice need not look healthy, nor must it look like it is good for the planet! It can look bodacious, chic, generous and new, without being bad for anyone.

This is where we come in. We deliver a beautiful, incredibly high-performance, energy-efficient evoDOMUS home to you.  You then tell your friends, and they tell their friends, and soon we have the butterfly effect. An increasing number of people understand the value of sustainability in construction, and in life.

This is the future of residential architecture and we are proud to do our part in bringing it to you. To accompany us on this journey to achieve our goals we have partnered with a team of like-minded individuals we would like you to meet.