Windows – The Achilles Heel of Green Buildings

For many years, the construction industry did not care enough about the quality of the windows available. What a mistake! Even the most advanced thermal envelope is useless if the windows are not up to par. Along with general construction leaks, they are a major source of energy loss. Even to this day many architects and homeowners see windows merely as a hole in the wall. And many lesser quality are literally just that.

The most energy efficient homes use the best windows on the market. At evoDOMUS we go even further. We advise using European windows because of their superior build quality and performance. We love Unilux windows because they close like a bank vault. A triple layer of seals and incredible 2″ triple-glazed panes make these windows remarkable.

We have done a lot of research in this field because high quality windows are vitally important. Although there are very good North American windows which we offer as an alternative, that are similar in terms of insulation quality, we must acknowledge that European, and especially German windows, offer unbeatable quality at a very competitive price. Triple-glazing comes at a premium, but in terms of the energy efficiency of the total project, it is money very well invested. If you would like to find out more about these windows just visit their website at You’ll be amazed!