Stuck in the Fifties? About better ways to build homes

Would you trade in your smart phone for an old-fashioned rotary phone? Would you rather use a typewriter than a computer? How about you quit listening to music on your mp3 player or iPod and go back to eight track tapes? Those devices did have their time and place, but something always comes along that makes our lives better, easier, and more efficient. If you agree with that, then answer this question: Why do we settle for the same building methods that have been using since the 50’s?

“Building Science” has made leaps and bounds over the past 60 years. Today we understand more about advanced framing, air and thermal barriers, and how to control moisture better than ever before. However all these advances give way to the “building standards” that have been used since the 50’s. Homes are still being built with 2×4’s @ 16″ on center (o.c.) with double top plates, three stud corners, jack studs, cripples, double headers, and batt insulation. Some builders replace these standards with a thicker wall (2×6), studs spaced farther apart (24″ o.c.), while using better insulation that fills the entire cavity along with a single top plate, two stud corners, no jack studs, no cripples, and single headers. This method is cheaper, faster, and saves energy. It’s cheaper because it uses less lumber and fewer pieces, which is faster to assemble. The deeper cavity allows the builders to use more insulation, which cuts down on air infiltration. The increased spacing and reduced framing members also minimize thermal bridging. At evoDOMUS, we are upping the ante even more. Our MOD+ wall provides a total R-value of 33.5. We manufacture our walls from the inside out which allows us to spray foam around the electrical boxes. This ensures that we do not compromise the integrity of our wall. Along with our triple pane windows and minimum R-50 roof panel, our homes are green, sustainable, energy efficient and incredibly airtight. Now, that’s the kind of building envelope you deserve in your home!

With our depleting resources and rising energy costs, it only makes sense to build better homes with better methods of construction. We shouldn’t settle for anything less. We owe it to ourselves, our kids, and our environment to constantly push the envelope and develop greener, more sustainable, and more efficient ways to live. We always want the next best phone, computer, car, or gadget; why don’t we want or expect excellence in our homes?