David Grootegoed

Project Architect, AIA, Leed Certified Professional

David is originally from Kent, OH, and graduated from the Pratt Institute School of Architecture in 2005. He then lived for 8 years in Richmond. VA, where he worked as an architect and owned and curated an art gallery. He moved back to Northeast Ohio in 2013 to be closer to family, taking a job at the Westlake Reed Leskosky/DLR group. After 5 years there working on larger commercial and institutional projects, David decided to look for a smaller company, where he could work on residential projects. His search led him to evoDOMUS, where he found a good fit on our compact design team. 

Over the years David has shown his independent art and architectural works in galleries.  He also works with his hands regularly in the service of more practical projects, renovating houses and working on cars.