European-style modern kitchens

Designed by our experienced team of kitchen experts and designers, our kitchens combine great quality with stunning aesthetics and functionality. In new homes or remodeling jobs - we’re happy to help.



Eclipse Full-Access Cabinetry

Eclipse is built with a unique, full-access frameless construction inspired by European cabinetry.  With it, you can obtain a sleek and modern interior, or the transitional look you've always dreamed of, and thanks to the full-access construction, you gain up to 10% more interior space than with framed cabinets. The cabinets are built in facilities which use the latest in equipment technology engineered to offer precision, durability, and maximum material utilization.

Eclipse offers an impressive array of traditional and contemporary styling options. Timeless solid hardwood, textured thermally-fused laminate, high-pressure laminate (gloss and matte) and wood veneer doors make Eclipse Cabinetry the choice for value- and style-conscious homeowners. You can achieve the look you want with a full spectrum of custom options and functional components.

At evoDOMUS, we use Eclipse kitchens in our modular homes. We also offer them through our Kitchen Studio for home builders, homeowners or remodeling jobs. 



A tradition that lasts and has been growing since 1946. Maistri was originally a small family-run carpenter's shop in the heart of Valpolicella region. It has been flourishing ever since as a high quality brand, making a name for itself thanks to its competence and skill, its customer focused performance and the use of only high quality raw materials. For over 30 years Maistri has been manufacturing kitchens in its 45,000 square meter industrial plant with a completely automated production system that ensures high quality manufacturing standards as well as effective customer service, without sacrificing flexibility and speed in production. This makes Maistri one of the leading companies in the Italian market, continually expanding in Europe and worldwide. Their strengths include the continuous innovation of product lines, materials and models, which allows creativity in furnishing programs in order to give the best interpretation to the most contemporary lifestyles and trends. Today the historic company is run by ASSO S.p.A., a firm based near Verona that specializes in the production of first-class furnishings.

At evoDOMUS we sell the Maistri line through our Kitchen Studio for home builders, homeowners, or remodeling jobs.