evoDOMUS homes are adaptable to take advantage of your lifestyle and your site's climatic situation, and are built to be as energy efficient as possible. Facing the reality of dwindling natural resources, we believe if you can build better, you must build better. It is not enough to build to code!

We have the knowledge, technology and most importantly, the desire, to provide our clients with truly high-performance homes. The definition of sustainable is the conservation of an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources. To this end, evoDOMUS employs passive design principles such as optimal building orientation and glazing areas, shading and placement for passive solar gain. This reduces reliance on electricity for lighting year round while limiting excessive summer heat gain. 

Optimal insulation, high-performance triple-pane glazing, airtight and thermal-bridge minimized construction and energy/heat recovery ventilation combine to create a home designed to minimize energy consumption. evoDOMUS whole-heartedly embraces the incorporation of alternative energy sources such as solar panels, photovoltaics, heat pumps, geothermal technology and other advanced energy systems to supply any remaining requirements, or to achieve a net-zero home.

Additionally, evoDOMUS incorporates elements that reduce water intake, such as low-flow toilets and shower heads, as well as heat pump water heaters and recirculating pump systems. evoDOMUS homes aim to achieve the highest, reasonably possible levels of energy efficiency.

In order to establish how energy efficient your home will be, evoDOMUS uses energy-simulation software to accurately model and compare heating, cooling, lighting, ventilating and water loads. This allows us to simulate and model complex systems to ensure your home is energy efficient. This analysis yields a projected, pre-construction HERS Rating based on the specifics of your design and building site.

For evoDOMUS, energy-generating technology is secondary to the primary goal of minimizing energy consumption with a super-insulated and tightly sealed building envelope combined with thoughtful whole-house design. You can feel confident that your evoDOMUS home has outstanding long-term value. If you wish, our homes can be Energy Star certified. Most of our homes are eligible for tax incentives and grants, depending on where you’re building.