It's all about customer satisfaction

Building a new home does not need to be stressful. Many people who consider building their own custom home designed especially specifically for their needs are concerned about unforeseen construction problems. We have all heard unpleasant stories concerning budget overruns and the never ending construction process.

At evoDOMUS, we understand and address these issues, and turn your house building ambitions into an enjoyable endeavor. By controlling all areas of the project, evoDOMUS is able to value engineer our homes. This eliminates waste at many levels including material, time, money and energy. Our research, organization and controlling nature enables us to optimally deliver your completed home. For most of our clients this is infinitely more attractive than having to coordinate multiple contracts with a variety of companies.   Our comprehensive service package provides all services under one roof; design, permits, site preparation, foundations and the construction and finishing of your home - enabling you to realize your new home easily, quickly and at a fixed price. The price we agree upon with you is the price you pay. evoDOMUS offers a one-stop-shop service.  

That said, you can also opt to have your own contractor and we deliver only the modules. In certain situations this might prove to be an attractive alternative.