​We offer design and consultation services. Check out your options:

Design Services

If you like our designs but for some reason hesitate to build a prefab home, we’re still here to help!

You would like to build your new home conventionally? No problem - evoDOMUS also offers design services at a reasonable fee for site built homes. Some people are contractors themselves, or have building professionals in their family or circle of friends who they would like to engage in the building of their new home. We can assist!


You have already hired an architect or builder to design/build your dream home? We offer consultation services for those who want to build a green, sustainable and energy-efficient home and need expert advice how to reach their goal. With more than 20 years of experience, we’re the people to talk to. We have a team of talented designers, LEED experts and Passive House consultants, eager to help you on your mission. Talk to our sales team and we will support you with our knowledge.

Shell package

You want to build a home but can’t find the right company to supply you with the perfect, highly insulated and airtight wall and roof system? Talk to us. We’re happy to deliver one of our custom designed evoDOMUS shell packages which you can finish with your own local crew. Isn’t that awesome?

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