What makes you so different?

Well, first and foremost because we’re not only super-green, we also offer a unique full-service package. With evoDOMUS, you’re not alone with a local builder. We run the show for you!

Why an evoDOMUS instead of another pre-fab home company?

We believe evoDOMUS offers you the most value for your investment. We don’’t want to build homes that look like they are one of a series of factory built structures. We deliver high-performance homes that look like they are custom designed and site-built . We allow a high level of flexibility in terms of design and finish while using sustainable building practices and materials. We also provide a comprehensive service package for the entire engagement. This means you will have one contract partner from initial contact with our sales team through to finish cleaning.

What options are available?

Geothermal system
Photovoltaic system
Cistern and water reclamation system
Home automation systems
Environmental home monitoring systems
Denatured alcohol based fireplace
Motor-driven window shades
- and many more! Contact us!

Why the deposit?

The deposit is credited toward the purchase price of the home. For this fee our clients receive a Preliminary Design Package which includes:

One or more 3D images of your site-specific house design
Site plan, floor plans, elevations
Preliminary specifications
Preliminary quote for full-service delivery of your home

Do you provide custom home services?

Yes, definitely. Most of our homes are custom designed, which makes us special. Please contact our sales team to discuss the possibilities.

Could I alter one of your sample homes?

Yes! We provide our sample homes as a starting point to help you decide upon a style direction. While it might be that one of our designs is exactly the home of your dreams, it might also be the case that either your functional requirements, the available building area of your site, or you property’’s solar orientation makes modifications necessary. For this reason we allow for some design modification in our design contract deposit.

Do you also design the kitchen and provide the cabinets?

We offer specialized kitchen and bath design services to our customers. You may choose from several lines of premier American and European cabinetry products. Following your chosen fit-out options, our team will work with you to tailor the design, plus select materials and colors, according to your individual room requirements and décor preferences.

What are the financial benefits to building an evoDOMUS home?

Predictable Budget
By managing all activities such as site work, foundation, transportation, etc. for you, we are able to monitor scheduling and disposition of manpower. In addition, our construction system allows us to efficiently procure and utilize materials and reduce waste.  With evoDOMUS, you receive a firm price at an early point in time, not an estimate that will inevitably increase.

Minimized Construction Financing Costs
Since your home is manufactured in a factory, the site work can be completed simultaneously, reducing the total construction schedule. This, in turn, reduces your construction loan interest fees.

Scheduling Control
We are able to control our schedules and disposition of manpower. We are able to investigate each phase of your project at a very early stage, calculating the cost of your home with a high level of precision. Therefore, the price we agree upon with you is the price you pay.

Increased Energy Independence
Although the initial investment in green construction and technology is, due to far superior window and insulation qualities, greater than that of a traditionally constructed home, it is important to consider the future benefits. The cost is an investment that pays long-term dividends in the form greatly reduced future utility expenses. Considering rising fuel prices and dwindling resources, this equates to savings, security and energy independence for you and your family.

Do I need special financing?

evoDOMUS homes are very similar to site built homes in their construction method - just much more efficient and intelligent in their utilization of off-site production. You should talk to your lender about a construction loan prior to signing the sales contract.

How complete is the the home once it's assembled?

Approximately 75%. We build room cells (modules) in the factory which we finish as much as possible before we deliver. They are set and assembled by crane on site. With this system, we are able to deliver great quality quickly and assemble a home in a matter of days.

How long does the process take?

Please see the Process page, section Fit-out and Move In

Where can I build an evoDOMUS home?

We currently focus on Northeastern US, however, we are currently researching the possibility of delivering our homes to other areas in the US . Please see the Service Area page in About Us. Please enquire!

Need more info?

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