Newsletter No. 5

Newsletter No. 5

evoDOMUS goes modular

This is probably our most exciting newsletter in a long time.
We have switched the majority of our production from panelized to modular in a move to provide our clients with better quality and control. Our new line of homes is called MOD+. By shifting more work from the construction site into the safe and controlled environment of the factory, we are able to achieve better craftsmanship, faster construction and more control of the work performed. Additionally, the construction costs are less impacted by the uncontrollable fluctuation of local labor rates.

There is, of course, still a portion of the work that needs to be done in the field, but this portion has become significantly smaller. As always, we supervise the local contractors as part of our one-stop-shop philosophy, allowing you to stay focused on your life.

This move has made it possible to reduce construction costs by up to 30%!

The thermal performance of our MOD+ wall ranges from R-30 to R-32.5 and includes a continuous layer of exterior insulation to minimize thermal bridging. Additional control is provided by using Huber Zip sheathing, which helps to seal wall and roof systems, providing great airtightness. ERV or HRV ventilation systems ensure fresh air to our homes and high efficiency air-source heat-pumps provide heating and cooling. We offer a broad range of facade materials, including LP siding, wood cladding, stucco, and various rain screen systems including fiber cement and HPL boards.

Our construction and delivery system continues to allow for great design flexibility and individuality, while providing our clients with personalization through our impressive selection of high quality, modern products and materials