Newsletter No. 2

Newsletter No. 2


To help build our beautifully modern, high-performance evoDOMUS homes, we have named Bensonwood as our exclusive manufacturer.

Bensonwood, based in Walpole, New Hampshire, is a premier builder of energy efficient, high performance homes across the US and Canada. Among these are a LEED Platinum, Net-Zero residence in Maine that creates as much energy as it consumes, and a Passive House in Vermont that requires no furnace. And to make these building advances accessible to more people, Bensonwood created its series of Open-Built components, offering a myriad of design possibilities while greatly reducing the design and engineering costs normally associated with high quality construction.

evoDOMUS works in close partnership with Bensonwood to ensure the manufacturing of the best possible high-performance homes in their state-of-the-art workshop. Bensonwood produces all of the evoDOMUS wall, ceiling and roof panels, with sustainable materials, little waste, and the highest-possible R-efficiences, using their OBPlus™ construction system.

Bensonwood’s experienced carpentry team assembles the homes on-site under evoDOMUS' supervision. With almost 40 years of experience, the carpentry team has all of the right qualities: extremely talented, dedicated, proud perfectionists and leaders in the sustainable home building trade.

The evoDOMUS team had extensively researched how to best implement superior European construction techniques, optimal wall and roof systems, efficient work flow models, and many other details, expecting to have to build our own factory in order to ensure that our quality standards could actually be realized. We were delighted to find that the Bensonwood factory was very similar to those with which we were familiar in Europe. The various panelized building elements and the materials visible in the assembly halls were nearly identical to the details that we had initially developed, convincing us that Bensonwood would be the ideal partner for us, and for our clients.

evoDOMUS, dedicated to delivering extremely high-performance, energy-efficient homes utilizing cutting-edge technologies, chose Bensonwood for these top ten reasons:


  1. Control:   Build exactly what is designed while offering construction efficiency suggestions, if desired
  2. Predictability:  Provide a clearly defined and competitive budget
  3. Communication:  Speak CAD language
  4. Convenience:  Proficient with screen-to-screen communication, excellent team!
  5. Efficiency:  Off-site fabrication greatly increases the quality of our buildings, while reducing waste
  6. Speed:  Panelization and off site fabrication, reduces onsite construction time dramatically
  7. Sustainability:   Specifiable insulation levels and extremely tight building envelopes result in buildings with reduced energy load
  8. Value:   Open-Built® structures offer flexibility and adaptability for future uses and technologies
  9. Brand Recognition:   Bensonwood, a long-time partner with This Old House, is nationally known for building excellence
  10. Peace of Mind :  Some of the greatest minds in building science are realizing the evoDOMUS vision.