Newsletter No. 1

Newsletter No. 1


evoDOMUS brings you the clean lines and modern aesthetics you’ve often admired, and now are able to call your own.

At evoDOMUS we believe your home should be as inspiring as it is sustainable. Our beautiful, modern, high-performance, super energy-efficient homes are responsibly conceived and delivered in a full-service package at a realistic, reliable price.

evoDOMUS homes are adaptable to take advantage of your lifestyle and your site's climatic situation, and are built to be as energy efficient as possible. Our primary goal is to reduce energy consumption with a super-insulated and tightly sealed building envelope combined with thoughtful whole-house design.

Once the exception, highly sustainable residential construction is making a breakthrough in the mindset of today’s homeowners. Traditional site build procedures and standards in residential construction are finally coming under closer scrutiny. Homes that are merely built to code are not a sound investment.

Our resource-saving off-site production process enables us to protect our materials and panelized components from outdoor precipitation which would otherwise lead to mold, mildew, rust, and sun damage. Our construction system also allows us to efficiently procure and utilize materials and reduce waste, as well as to control our schedules and disposition of manpower. This all enables us to calculate the cost of your home with a high level of precision so that the price we agree upon with you is the price you pay.

Finally, evoDOMUS provides fully custom solutions for our most demanding clientele. With our full service philosophy we do not leave you alone during the construction of your home. From site preparation, foundations, basements to assembly and detail finishing, our team manages the entire project. That's our idea of turn-key service!

Beauty and intelligence, shouldn't your new home have it all?